"I love living here. I love the apartment. It's comfortable and it's laid out for me like my little corner of the world. The neighbors are nice, it's well lit, and you feel safe here. There are so many things. I'm comfortable, I'm content. I just like it here very, very much."

Judith - James Terrace

"We chose to live in Sault Housing because it was convenient and people had told me it was a nice place to live. We enjoy the neighborhood. It's very quiet, laid back, and we like our neighbors.

Our house is a duplex, with four bedrooms and two bathrooms and is real roomy. It is a nice place with a nice yard. When I get up in the morning, I get my coffee and then go outside and see my flowers."

Curtis - Family Housing

"I chose James Terrace because I really liked the landscaping and the attention to they pay to it. I really like the grounds.

I am in a quad unit and I like that they are all on one floor. I especially like my apartment because it has a good kitchen that is the most convenient I've ever had."

Marilyn - James Terrace